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Payment Options

At Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic, it is our goal to make your access to healthcare more affordable versus utilizing an emergency room.  If you need to discuss your payment options or insurance coverage, please call us at 214-432-1450.

We accept the following payment methods at the time of service:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • Debit Card

Self Pay

Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic offers a cash payment discount option for those with either no insurance or a high deductible. If you have a high deductible insurance plan, this option typically results in a much lower out-of-pocket cost for you compared to what your insurance company would normally require you to pay.

Payment for a basic visit is required up front and the best efforts will be made by our team to estimate the total charges for your visit. Any additional diagnostic testing, procedures, medications administered, and/or supplies/equipment used during the visit will be due in full upon discharge of your visit. For information on the discounted self-pay rates, please contact our office at 214-432-1450.

At Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic, it is our goal to make your access to healthcare more affordable versus utilizing an emergency room. We currently accept major health insurance plans including Amerigroup, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, First Health, HealthFirst, Medicare, Tricare East, United Healthcare (plans vary), and WellMed (Out of Network Only).

Our team will file your claim for you; however, most health insurance plans require a co-payment at the time of service. If you do not have health insurance, we offer discounted self-pay rates.

Patient Responsibility

  • You are required to bring a valid ID and proof of your current insurance anytime healthcare services are rendered at Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic.
  • Please update Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic of any changes in insurance coverage.
  • Please be prepared to pay any unmet deductible and your co-payment before each visit.
  • For medical care that is not covered under insurance, payment in full will be required at the time of service.

If you are not sure about your health insurance benefits, please contact your health insurance provider to obtain the answer to your questions regarding your coverage, deductible, or co-payment/co-insurance regarding your urgent care visit.  If your insurance requires a referral or authorization for you to be seen, please obtain it before your visit.

Secondary Insurance

If you have insurance coverage under more than one plan, we will courtesy file with your secondary insurance. To do this, we will need to know which plan is primary and which plan(s) is secondary. Medicare patients with dual coverage must complete a Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaire.

Copayments and Deductibles

At Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic, we want to our help patients better understand why they are being charged a certain amount and why these amounts may differ from those charged to other family members or friends.

What is a Copayment?

A copayment often referred to as a co-pay is a fixed amount that the patient pays for covered medical services. The remaining balance is covered by the patient’s insurance company.  Co-pays generally vary for different services within the same plans, particularly when they involve services that are considered essential or routine, and other services that are considered to be less routine, often with a specialist.

For our front office team to provide you with the co-pay information, we will need to obtain your insurance card to verify this information through the insurance carrier.  Sometimes the co-pay for an urgent care setting is listed on your insurance card.   If not, we highly recommend that you call the member services number on the back of your insurance card and ask about coverage and co-payment fees for urgent care visits.

What is a Deductible?

A deductible is a fixed amount that the patient must pay each year before their health insurance benefits begin to cover the costs of their medical care.   After you meet your deductible, the patient(s) may likely pay the coinsurance which is a certain percentage of costs for any services that are covered by the plan.  The coinsurance continues to be paid until the out-of-pocket maximum is met for the year.

It is important to understand that a patient’s out of pocket amount is determined by the insurance plan chosen by the policy holder and/or their employer. Some employers offer employees a variety of plans, from several different insurance companies, from which to choose. The cost of the plan is often directly related to the deductible/copayment amounts, the higher the monthly premium, the lower the deductible/co-payments, and vice versa. Rest assured, we charge from a standard fee schedule, and any differences in charges from person-to-person stem from differences in insurance coverage and/or the status of an individual’s deductible at the time of visit.

Copayments and deductibles are a contract responsibility between you and your insurance company and are non-negotiable. It is our policy to collect all co-payments and/or any unmet deductible at every visit, during the registration process. If you still have questions regarding your charges, you are encouraged to call our billing office at 214-432-1450, between 8:00 am – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

What Happens If My Insurance Cannot Be Verified?

Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic has a digital solution that can verify your insurance in real time.

Non-participating Insurances

If you have insurance that Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic does not participate in, you will be responsible for full payment of all services at the time they are rendered. As a courtesy, our Billing Office will file a claim with your insurance. If any portion of your visit is covered, you will be sent a refund.

Non-covered Services

Please be aware that some, and perhaps all, of the items or services that you receive may not be a covered benefit under your insurance plan. You will be responsible for payment, in full and at the time of service, charges for any non-covered items and/or services. Medicare patients may be required to provide an executed Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN).

Diagnostic Testing Performed Off-site

Some diagnostic testing, such as laboratory testing and imaging, may need to be performed at an outside facility, such as the hospital, or an independent lab like Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp. These facilities have their own physicians/independent practitioners, (i.e., radiologists, pathologists, etc.) who provide the clinical interpretation of your tests. Likewise, these facilities and their physicians or independent practitioners operate and bill independently from Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic. They establish their own fee schedules, payment policies, and insurance contracts. Some insurance companies have a preferred lab and/or imaging facility that their insured must use, and failure to utilize the preferred facility may result in a larger out-of-pocket expense to you. It is your responsibility to know if your insurance company is contracted with has a preference.

For Motor Vehicle Accidents and Third-Party Payers, in most cases, we consider this a private matter between you and your auto carrier. Your carrier may not cover your medical care; therefore, you may be required to pay for all services at the time of service.


We will send a statement to the billing address that you provide notifying you of any balances you may owe. Payment in full is due upon receipt of the statement. Patient balances not paid in full within 30 days of the statement issue date are deemed past due. You can also pay your medical bill online through our secure online bill pay portal, Online Bill Pay.

If you have any questions or dispute the validity of the balance, it is your responsibility to contact Marsalis Avenue Urgent Care Clinic in person at 4498 S. Marsalis Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75216. You may also contact us by telephone at 214-432-1450, or by email at between 8:00 am – 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday within 30 days after receipt of the initial statement.

Payment Arrangements

Typically, we do not make payment arrangements. In the event, you have a balance remaining after insurance has paid or if they deny the claim, the balance is due in full; however, if you are unable to make the full payment, you may call us at 214-432-1450 to make arrangements to bring your account current.

Past Due Accounts and Collection Accounts

If your account is past due or has been turned over to a collection agency and you want to be seen, you must pay the past due balance in full, as well as any current charges for which you are responsible. We reserve the right to refuse service to you for non-payment.

Waiver Of Confidentiality

If your account is turned over for collections to a third-party collection agency, or if a past due amount is reported to the credit bureaus for the late payment, non-payment, or charge-off, the record of the patient visit may become public record. Failure to maintain financial responsibility may cause you to forfeit your right to confidentiality.


We recommend that you bring all the forms to your visit that will need to be completed by us (such as employer return to work, etc.). Completion of forms will be completed free of charge under three (3) pages, however, a $30 fee will be assessed for forms greater than three (3) pages. All requests must allow at least 72 hours for completion. Please fax your form(s) to 833-516-2025 or email them to

Medical Records

If you would like a copy of your medical records, you must fully complete a Medical Release Authorization form and fax the completed form and a copy of your ID to our Medical Records team at 833-516-2025. If you do not complete the form in its entirety, this may delay the release of your records. Per The Texas Medical Board Rules, the processing time for requests is 15 business days. Medical records requests over 25 pages will be assessed a $25 fee, however, if a healthcare organization requests your medical records, there will not be a charge. If you have questions or need assistance completing the form, please contact our Medical Records team at 214-432-1450.